Roanoke, Va Carfree with Kids

I have been bike commuting to work off and on this year and following River Laker’s CarLess Brit experiment.   He’s  celebrated and brought attention to something that is common in Europe and urban areas of this country, but is fairly uncommon to Roanoke, and that is gadding about without a vehicle.

Like many other people in our fair city, I am a bicycle enthusiast.  I’ve loved bikes all my life, loved singletrack and road rides.  Now I have young daughters who love bikes, and together we talk about the many ways biking is good for us and for the world.  They are fully on board with this project (most literally now that we are Xtracycle owners!)

We live in historic Old Southwest, close to downtown, good schools, parks, museums,  food, and all the fun we can have, with kids and otherwise.  So, I’m well-positioned to make the leap.  The plan:  To go from being car-lite to car-free (locally) by selling off a car, accomplishing my commute/transport by bike, foot, bus, or carpool, and traveling conscientiously, limiting usage and softening our carbon footprint.

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