Mother Goose

Climbing on the tandem/buggy configurationCruising on the tandem

Roanoke is a great place to bike commute.  It’s hilly, but not prohibitively so, and there is a world at my fingertips, and much of it is for free or a nominal membership fee. 

 The gals and I pedaled to the science museum again on Friday for a Megadome movie, lots of play in the interactive area, a lesson on water systems, and the always joyful petting of horseshoe crabs.  We tumbled downstairs for a wonderful puppetshow in the Mill Mountain Theater, and we ate the best sandwiches at On The Rise.  We stopped by the Sunny Side for a Scooby-doo Push-up, and then ran the rest of our energy off at Highland Park.    All of these activites promoted learning and growth and made my kids happy and tired.  None of these activities required a car.

3 responses to this post.

  1. ‘just read through your posts so far. Wow, it was a moving read! ‘so exciting! Thanks for doing this! River


  2. Wonderful post! Thanks so much for making it seem possible!


    • Posted by roanokecarfreewithkids on June 29, 2009 at 8:07 am

      You guys are so inspiring, thanks for keeping an eye on this project and for posting on your site.


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