Tweaking the Transport

I have spent the last few days finding solutions to my current way of riding with kids.  I’m awaiting what I consider the best solution, the Free Radical with the Family Van Kit by Xtracycle.  (Fun pics here) It isn’t too expensive, but I’ll pay for it by ditching the tandem.  That was just too heavy, and really not made for this kind of cargo.  There are other tandems to consider that are lighter and more efficient, but the $$ will have to be saved first before that happens.  For now, I’m in love with the xtracycle, their company, and the way they help promote bike commuting.  Check out this video!

With Rob’s and Isak’s help, I experimented with a terrific tweak to my work commute.  I hadn’t thought of using google maps to map a WALK!, but that way showed the best route, calmer, more residential than the route Elsa and I had been using.  So, I’ll keep that ride up over the summer to be accustomed in August when I’m back at it for real.

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