“Singletrackin’ load haulin’ mama”

La Sasha

La Sasha

On the way to the photo shoot with the Carless Brit
On the way to the photo shoot with the Carless Brit

Xtracycle, Cardinal Bikes and East Coasters helped me get my ride on! Thanks, ya’ll.  The wait has paid off with an excellent rig that seems to fit my needs just fine.  The Specialized Carmel was a good commuter bike at a great price with comfort, handling, and load capacity in my favor.  I went for the women’s specific, b/c I wanted the skirt option (inspired by  BIKE SKIRT blog from Birmingham, AL).  I chose the frame style and positioning b/c of the need to be able to easily manage the load in the rear and get my feet down.  The freeradical attaches easily to the Specialized, looking like they were meant to be together.  The family van attachment is great, though with our DIY childseat, we aren’t using the magic carpet yet.  The plan is to get another snapdeck for those rare childless days.  Our childseat is a hacked BELL that fits up to 50 lbs.  Hopefully by then, my little half stoker will be riding her own rig.  In the mean time, I’m thrilled by the choice stickers sent by Xtracycle.  My favorite one, of course, the title of this blog entry.  I miss my mountain bike and have made a date with it for Saturday to ride some trails before the KIVA day camp event at Roanoke Mountain.  But when I’m not riding my mountain bike, my other “car” is an Xtracycle.  The girls and I have christened her “La Sasha”–feminine, sophisticated, adventurous and sturdy.

So River, aka the Carless Brit, invited some other biking folk to our neighborhood to meet up for a Carless Brit Museum Grand Opening poster photo shoot.  The girls got as fancy as they wanted and made fast friends with Moona C., carless brit #2, who has a wee one of 3 years, and Amari and Tiffany, carless brit #s 3 & 4 who also have 2 children in tow.    We have ourselves a little posse.  The girls are enchanted and always delighted to meet new folks, and now they have other FAMILIES doing life this way as well.  Very nice.
Can't see the groceries for the live load!

Can't see the groceries for the live load!

  Today, after spending some time tweaking things (yes, the neverending tweakage), we rode on down to the Fork in the City for some grub, did a little market shopping (just the necessities: frozen treats for the girls, hops for the mom and pop), and bought some yummy bread at the Wild Flour.  Annette and fam came over for dinner, Burley and daughter paid a visit, and we had a lovely evening downing said hops, terrorizing children with the “Nah-nah-nee-boo-boo monster” who captures any child emitting the afore-mentioned quote and sticking them in the nearby dogwood.  No bikes involved, but good clean family fun.  Summer rocks.

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  1. Happy to spread the word! Bravo ladies!


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