The only cure for inertia is movement!

coming home with groceries

coming home with groceries

I am not an elite cyclist.  I wish I were an elite cyclist.  But take one look at me and you know I’m not.  I am determined, though.  In 6 months, not only will I have lessened my family’s carbon footprint and taught my children valuable lessons on sustainable community, the bike-ability of Roanoke, how to center your life around what’s local, and how to be creative in problem-solving, I will have taught them that fitness is a part of your daily life.  You are a better person for moving more.

  For over a month now, I have been mountain biking at Carvin’s Cove and on Roanoke Mountain, commuting to work (8 miles one way), and most recently, hauling kids around (2-5 miles one way, several times a day) as I move towards my car free urban existence.  Because this is a recent rekindling of bike-love, I’m not exactly the picture of fitness, I admit.  Too many excuses, too much love for the food and the drink :).  But, I tell you, hauling around 100 pounds a children will make muscles!  I was telling a curious friend recently how my legs feel a little bit like lead, especially first thing in the morning.  But, you know what?  The only thing that really makes it better is to pedal through it, seriously.  The only cure for inertia is movement! 

I am really excited to see the transformation that will take place over the next 6 months.  Already I feel way stronger, have lost  9 lbs (since late April), crave better foods, more water, stand taller, and my general attitude about life has improved.  A frumpy, tired teacher-mom is being replaced by a strong, confident, role model for my own children as well as my students.  There have been difficulties, sure.  The technical stuff drives me crazy.  But I’m more receptive to encouragement of friends, I am surrounding myself with positive people, and I’m keeping my focus on this effort.  It is worth it in SO many ways.

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