The Commute to Work

I have an eight mile commute to work.  As rides go, it’s not too long, not too hilly, not too traffic-y.  I have a good route from Old Southwest to the North County.  What’s killing me is also having energy to teach middle school kids all day long and a schedule that is minus one planning period b/c of budget cuts.  Read:  ZERO sitting time.   How can I not be in great shape in a year?

Last week, I rode  round-trip 2 days and one-way two days.  I used carpool on Friday b/c the weather guy said it would rain ALL day.  It was gorgeous.  Sigh.

This commute is so good for me, it’s the equalizer, the litmus test for a healthy life.  If I eat crap, I feel like crap.  If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like falling asleep by the time I get to school.  So, I enter phase two of carfree existence.  The daily commute.

The Xtracycle is still out of commission.  It’s back but damaged status is on hold, as the detective said to not make any repairs until the case was closed and I’d been reimbursed.  I guess I won’t be riding that bike any time soon.  I’m poking around for a better commuter frame to put the freerad. on, and in the mean time,  I’m commuting with my mountain bike.  I wished for road tires a time or two,  so I think I’m due for a change soon. 

BTW> Isak takes the kids to summer camp in the am.  (When school starts for them b/c city is on a different schedule, Elsa will be picked up by bus, Ivy will walk to school–afternoon pickups will be provided by nana.  It takes a village, but it doesn’t take a car!)

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  1. i have some mt. bike slicks you are welcome to use, i would have to get them to you tomorow or in two weeks……i will be at the waterheater for colab-fest tomorow (wendsday) @ 7


    • Posted by roanokecarfreewithkids on August 26, 2009 at 9:04 am

      Wow john, thanks! I can stop by the water heater, unless you want to just unload them on my porch at King George. either way is good, thanks for the generosity! c


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