An 80 Mile Week–My New Normal

I have week two down of back to school for teacher-me, and I trumped last week’s 46 mile commute with this week’s 80 miles.  That’s strictly there and back, 8 miles each way, 5 days.  It’s not counting leisure riding, grocery gathering, or riding to socialize.  I’m not the elite cyclist, as I’ve said before, so this kind of daily/weekly riding is something for me to get used to.  I was thankful for a Saturday so my legs would lose the burn that had grown to be part of the daily existence.  And very thankful for Sunday, so I can clean my poor-Mountainy-one up from 2 weeks of road riding, to rip off the knobby tires, and put on my city slicks (Thanks again, John!).  I have enjoyed hot, cold, and rain, early ams and traffic-jam pms.  There is nothing like being outside every day, feeling the cool of the air at 6am, and being the first teacher in the building, sipping joe and thinking through the day.  I’m relaxed, I’m happy.  I have lost 3500 lbs by commuting this way, and more I feel, will melt away.

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  1. Posted by Mike on November 14, 2009 at 3:49 am

    Good job on the commute. That used to be the length of my regular commute (only through ‘Refinery Row’). Thankfully a little move to the Ocean has shortened it. Keep up the good work, it only gets easier and more enjoyable the longer you go!


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