A Teacher Commuter

I’ve got to admit that once work started back up (I’m a teacher) and the girls started at their school, my internet life took a downward spiral.  As I’ve grown fond of saying lately, I fell off the face of facebook and left my virtual world behind.  Dealing with reality head on has been good, however.  The rides are doing wonders for my spirit, my sense of self, my legs :).  And my commitment to not driving is strong.  Actually, my commitment to biking specifically is stronger than ever.  I’m riding more, I think, than I did 10 years ago, before juggling kids, career, and housekeeping.  The days are longer but better.  I would come home at the end of the day in August and feel like a puddle, just wanting to eat and go to bed.  I’m way more able to do it all now:  the ride, the hectic school day, the ride home.  It actually motivates me to do more at school, to be better at my craft, to enjoy life more.  So I do.  I’m out of the house at 5:45 am.  I used to make it to work in 45-50 minutes, and now I’m clocking between 38 and 40 minutes twice a day, though the evening ride often takes longer. I’m showering in the locker room by 6:30 and ready for my school day just before 7am.  I lost a planning period this year because of budget cuts, so the extra am time gives me some comfort, although teaching is the kind of career that you could work 24 hours a day at and it still would not be enough.  Anyway, enough moaning about school.  Riding Rocks!  And the students think it’s curious and interesting too. I’m talking a lot about it with them, showing them articles, sharing bicycle information, engaging them in possibilities.  Maybe one day, a student ride will be in order.

Oh, yeah.  After some hairy travels en route to kids’ school, we made a family decision that suits everyone.  The kids are picked up by me, their nana, or their dad in the afternoons around 5pm by car.  Traffic is heck on Colonial and Overland, so I refuse to put them on a bike there and then.  It is the only car usage for me.  Despite that, we’re loving the school and are so happy with what they are learning there.  More on that later…

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