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20 Things I Love About Bike Commuting

The raccoons, opossums, deer, and fox families watching me in the morn

Neoprene booties and gloves for the rain/cold

Feeling like a ninja on bike in a balaclava

Feeling like I’m riding in a dream in early am fog

The climbs getting easier

The irony of almost being hit by a deer

Cars who watch out for me

Trying to get into my 3rd ring in the front & realizing I’d been there

Running over a snake but not hurting it

Blinky lights and a down low glow

Waving at familiar faces on the ride home

The smell of bacon on Frontage Road in front of hotels at 6am

Muscles in my legs

Arriving to work stress free

Leaving school to work through the stress by bike

The smell of skunks at play on Northside High School Road (I know that’s weird, but I really do like it)

Miles under my belt (600+ :))

Downhills with no stop signs

That my husband helps make it happen, thanks honey!

That it means I get to talk about bikes and biking more!

Selfish Requests

At a party we went to Friday night, I was talking to someone about what a delight it was that the Roanoke Natural Foods Coop offered my grocery delivery for free.  They asked me why I wanted them to do that, I guess because if I’m wearing the badge of a commuter, isn’t it hypocritical & selfish to ask someone else to bring my stuff to me.

I did a lot of thinking about this and I decided that, sure, it’s selfish.  However, I’m a mom of 2 growing girls, and I have to be.  But I don’t think it’s hypocritical.  The whole point of doing this as a project is to show that we can make being car free work and have two kids.  A grocery delivery will make our getting along easier and more reliable. 

River Laker was quoted in the Harbinger as saying that one of the hardest things about doing this for him was having to go to the grocery so frequently.  I wanted to try to figure out ways to make that not so hard.  Other cities I’ve lived in and/or researched have grocery deliveries.  Roanoke, in fact USED to have a local grocery delivery in, but had to eliminate their local delivery because not enough people were using it.  Gary at ShopFoodEx was a little bitter about the ending of the local delivery 3 years ago, and wished it had been more successful.  He said something to the effect that Roanoke wants to be a bigger city, but won’t support the businesses that help make it so.  I am sure that has been true to an extent in the past, but I think things are turning around.  Gary could not offer me a paid delivery, however, being that they don’t do local anymore.  But Bruce at the Coop did, and offered it for free in support of the effort.

Additionally, we are growing tomatoes, potatoes, squash, berries, herbs, radishes and greens ourselves.  I’ve never been much of a gardener, but it’s all the rage these days.  It helps, but for larger variety, we get local produce on the market.  The benefits to buying local are immense, and we are proud to support the growers downtown.

So I’m selfish, I have figured out ways to make things easier on me and my family while still being a bike commuter, and I’ve had support doing it.   I think if I can do it, anyone can.